LoRAIN Weather Station
Allows proper planning and organization of tasks and optimization in times and economic results, giving the producer the parameters of rain, humidity and temperature.

Silo Lanza Sensor Bag
It provides peace of mind by remotely monitoring the condition of the beans in the silo bag. Multiple humidity, temperature and Co2 sensors combined with intelligent algorithms detect quality and safety problems in real time.

Meteorological Station (iMetos ECO D3)
It allows the proper planning and organization in the tasks and optimization in times and economic results, providing the producer with the parameters of rain, humidity and temperature, with the possibility of connecting sensors of soil moisture, levels of layers, water level in rivers and wells to warn about flood risks and multiple applications.
Notices, alarms and messages in areas without telephony or internet coverage are possible through the Pager LoRa, specifically designed for rural communication problems, using the Smartium IoT LoRa network as a means of communication.

Sensor Suelo
Know exactly and accurately the humidity and soil temperature of each particular lot. Know with determination what is the optimal time to sow, fertilize, optimize irrigation to increase yield.

Solve problems and transfer times to open and close tranqueras to suppliers. Have control and record of how many times such a gate, such a warehouse, such a shed, how much remained open, who opened, who closed, know the schedules and movements. Save time, energy and coordination.