Smartium is an Argentine agricultural company, belonging to the Barrilli Group and XN Company. Both companies joined creating a new business unit in the potential AGtech sector. Smartium, strategic partner of the agricultural producer, develops Technologically sustainable and innovative solutions in IoT (Internet of things) to make your life easier and increase your earnings. From its experience in agriculture, the implementation of specially designed high technology and its ability to innovation, Smartium arrived to lead the IoT (Internet of Things) market for Agro. Smartium leading the way in the Era of the Intelligent Solutions for the field in all the Argentine territory next to its technological partners INTA, ARSAT, Cisco and AWS in partnership with LoRa.

Business partners
We believe that distributors can help us grow so we want them to become our partners. If you are interested Be part of this business, whether it is a cooperative, agricultural inputs trade, advisor and technical reference or if it is part in the area of ​​technology and telecommunications and is an integrator, network provider, isp, contact us and complete The following forms.

Technology partners
In collaboration with INTA Marcos Juarez and the INTA Manfredi experimental station, we validate and improve sensors and devices created for the agricultural producer. Our National Smartium Network will have LoRa (Long Range) Connectivity to through CISCO's innovative gateways and will significantly improve the productivity of the Argentine agro-industrial sector, offering our country to be in the highest standards of innovation worldwide in the area of ​​Agriculture. We count with Data Storage and Data Management capacity collecting information in the National Data Center of ARSAT and the Amazon servers. We are also part of the LoRa alliance, the fastest growing technology alliance. An association Nonprofit of more than 500 member companies worldwide, committed to allow large-scale deployment of Low power wide area networks (LPWAN) IoT through the development and promotion of the LoRaWAN open standard.

Trajectory and experience
Barrilli Group has been in the Cereals, Oilseeds and By-Products Brokerage market for more than 85 years in Argentina and towards the world. It operates with physical merchandise for any destination in the country, be it export, industry or consumption, as well as the Markets a Term of Rosario and Buenos Aires, where he is a shareholder and is registered as a Broker-Operator.

The joint experience of both companies supports and ensures the Smartium transforming project, which is positioned as Leader of monitoring systems for agriculture integrating the field and technology uniquely.