Silo Lanza Sensor Bag
There is a real and technical problem that the producer has: loss of between 3% up to a 8% (according to INTA study) of the quality of grain stored in the silo bag per no to be able to monitor it with high frequency for reasons of distances, practicality and costs operational The possible problems encountered are: breakage by an animal (mulita, pigs, etc.), this causes oxygen to enter the silo bag and begin deterioration, vandalism and attempts Of robbery.
Need Cover
Our solution launches silo bag combined with the IoT network and monitoring software intelligent gives the producer the peace of mind of being able to remotely monitor the Grain status in the silo bag from any device connected to the internet, avoid the costs and associated times of manual monitoring on site through people or specialized companies and carry out own personnel transfers in advance of the arrival of these technicians.
lance installation
The placement of the lance can be done by the same producer, an employee, Homemade pawn. It was designed for a hassle-free installation, in simple steps and No need for complementary tools. The Smartium support team will train the producer and his team, responding to any questions that may arise by means of its technical support team and distributors.