Pager LoRa
There are communication and connectivity problems in rural areas, which could hinder the transmission of warnings or alarms in places where there is no cell phone signal or Internet signal.
Need Cover
Solve connectivity and communication problems at the desired time. It would be like a LoRa whatsapp system. It is an effective means that allows the pro- ductor, laborers or staff working in the field, find out in real time via the protocol LoRa communication colo of any warning, alarm or message.
Examples of actual use by the producer
The producer or the field manager is sleeping in the country house and they try steal grain from the silobolse or the weather station records a possible frost in a vineyard. The system sends an alarm, a message through the Smartium View application to the cell phone and also to the Pager LoRa. Regardless of whether it is without a cell signal or the cell phone is not connected to net, the producer finds out yes or yes and in real time what is happening. Also another actual use case can be to use this medium as an instant messaging system in areas where communication between people is difficult.