Real and technical problem that the producer has
Having to have a bunch of keys to open and close all gate locks, tranqueras, sheds, deposits, etc. Make duplicates for each of the people authorized to open and close. Coordinate schedules with, for example, fumigators to open and close tranqueras, the issue of the transfer to carry out these actions, etc.
Need Cover
Solve problems and transfer times to open and close tranqueras to suppliers. Have control and record of how many times such a gate, such a warehouse, such a shed, how much remained open, who opened, who closed, know the schedules and movements. Save time, energy and coordination.
Examples of actual use by the producer
The producer goes on vacation and leaves the person in charge of the field in charge of several and certain tasks to be done, including fumigating certain lots. From where find, you can control and monitor at what time the tranqueras of the lot opened to fumigate and remain calm that they did the day they had coordinated and agreed, etc.