Ground sensor
Real and technical problem that the producer has
The lots can be very different from each other, very different, different levels of humidity different heights and have different requirements to fertilize, irrigate or fit for sowing
Need Cover
Know exactly and accurately the humidity and soil temperature of each batch in particular. Know with determination what is the optimal time to sow, fertilize, optimize irrigation to increase yield.
Examples of actual use by the producer
A producer has several rented fields and needs to send his machine to sow and Do not know which of these to send the planter first. Use the sensors to take decisions. The producer must establish an order of priority for the use of the equipment irrigation in your establishment and get real and important data through the sensors of soil to know which ones really need moisture and to be able to plan since there were some intermittent rainfall in recent weeks, abundant in some areas and very few in others within the same lot.